O-rings are one of the most widely utilized sealing products because they’re inexpensive, reliable and have simple mounting requirements. Since they are known as one of the most important element of machine design, it can be used in a variety of static (non-moving) and dynamic (moving)applications.

inside diameter (ID) and cross section diameter (CS)

  • An o-ring is a round solid-rubber designed to prevent the passage of liquid and gaseous media. There are two dimensions indicated the size of an O-ring.

Fannteer offers O-rings in a wide range of sizes such as AS-568 standard、millimetric and non-standard sizes that are manufactured in multiple properties (durometers, tensile, compression set, etc) and also with certified compounds for NSF51, NSF61, WRAS (WRC), ACS, KTW,UL157 and other standards.

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