FFKM-rubber compounds with excellent resistance to corrosive fluids

FFKM is a family of perfluoroelastomer compounds that contain even higher amounts of fluoride than FKM. FFKM provides an exceptional high temperature(600°F/320C) and chemical resistance, and can even withstand prolonged exposure to oxygen-plasma. Food and medical grades are also offered.

Area of Application

FFKM are used in highly aggressive chemical processing, semiconductor, flat panel industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Area of Application

Chemical Resistance

For strong acid, amines, ethers, organic solvents, etc., with excellent chemical resistance, thereby increasing the stability of the seals in a variety of solvents.

High Temperature Resistance

Our products offer excellent physical properties and sealing ability in high temperature environments. Under normal condition, the continuous service temperature can reach 330C.

Plasma Resistance

Our products have the features of high cleanness, low particle, and can maintain well ability of seals under Plasma environment.

What does Fannteer have ?

We are tooled for standard AS-568, JIS B2401, ISO 3601 and some of Metric O-rings.

Available Materials

Primary Feature Hardness Color Fannteer Compound # Cross-Reference
Chemical 60 WHITE C608004
60 BLACK C601003
70 BLACK C701005
75 WHITE C758002
75 BLACK C751001 KALREZ 6375
80 WHITE C808009
80 BLACK C801008
80 BLACK C801006 KALREZ 6380
90 BLACK C901007 KALREZ0090 & 3018
High Temperature 60 WHITE T608019 KALREZ 8575
65 WHITE T658013 KALREZ 8475
65 BROWN T659020
65 BROWN T659012
70 WHITE T708016
70 BLACK T701014 KALREZ 4079
75 WHITE T758021
75 WHITE T758011
75 BROWN T759015
75 BLACK T751010 KALREZ 7075 & 8900
80 WHITE T808017
90 BLACK T901018
Plasma 65 AMBER P650025 KALREZ 9100
75 AMBER P750023
75 AMBER P750022 KALREZ 9100
80 WHITE P808024

Package Detail

Parts will be packaged in a blank double bag, inner and outer, inner bag to be clean room quality.

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