Equivalent to Viton GF TYPE GLT TYPE GFLT TYPE
Curing System Peroxide
Fluorine Content 70% 64% ~ 65% 66% ~ 67%
Property Excellent Fluid Resistance to Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Alcohols Low Temperature Service Combined with Fuel Resistance Oxygenated Automotive Fuels, Concentrated Aqueous Inorganic Acids, Water & Steam
TR-10 Rating
(Low Temperature Flexibility)
-15C ~ -5C -45C ~ -30C -30C ~ -24C
Market Fuel Transportation, Automotive Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive Automotive
Application O-ring, Gasket, Diaphragms, Filter Caps Manifold Gasket, Fuel Injectors O-ring O-ring, Gasket, Packing
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